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The following are some original quotes by J. Ronald Carey.

quote To succeed, we have to first believe in ourselves. Therefore, "Every person I've met who was humble, had every reason to be so."

quote The unnecessary futility of seeking perfection, "A belt does not have to go through every loop."

quote After my Arlington National Cemetery assignment, on why none of the sentinels at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are officers, "Because we want it done right."

quote In regard to using power and status: "What good is rank, if you don't pull it?"


quote On longevity, after reaching the age of 85, "I can see the tape."

quoteManagement can be taught but leadership comes only with birth. Therefore: "All attempts to teach Leadership are both futile - and amusing."

quote"A meeting will be a waste of time if it has a facilitator, butcher paper on the wall, and a team building exercise."

quote As a successful, dedicated, program manager, "Yes I did step on many toes, but they were on the feet of the enemies who tried to trip me."

quote Also, as a PM, in response to being a loose cannon, "True, I was, but we still hit every target."


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